Are You Prepared For The Worst-Case Scenario?

Here's How To Make Sure Your Affairs Are In Order!


What would happen if you were to disappear tonight?  I mean, literally disappear, forever?

  1. Would your spouse or executor be able to easily take care of all your affairs, starting tomorrow morning?
  2. Would all of your important papers be easy to find?
  3. Look at the items listed below, in the Contents of your Estate Information packet section.  How easy would it be for another person to gather all this information if you were to disappear?

An uncomfortable topic, yes.  But realizing that it can happen to you, and being prepared for your death (or even a stroke or significant disability) can give a tremendous sense of personal security, and greatly decrease the burden that would be suddenly thrown upon your loved ones.

Legal Tasks

Organizational Tasks

Download this information as a Microsoft Word document


Contents of your Estate Information packet

Although you have knowledge about all of these items already, it could be extremely difficult for someone else to gather these facts.  If you have one master document containing all the following information, it will save your loved ones many, many hours of anxiety and work.

Print and use this check-off list as a guide or template.  Type your own information into a computer Word document, or write it out by hand.  It doesn't matter how you do it.  The important thing is that you get it done.

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