Bylaws of the Practice Management Club




Section 1--Name

This group shall be known as the Practice Management Club (hereinafter referred to as PMC, or the Club).


Section 2--Structure

The activities of the PMC shall be directed and supervised by the officers.




Section 1--Statement of Purpose

Section 2--Financial Classification

The Study Club shall be a non-profit organization, in that all monies collected by the Study Club shall be used for the above described purposes.




Section 1--Categories of Membership

Membership shall be of two types:  Active, Retired.

Section 2--Maximum Number of Members

Membership shall be limited to 25 people.


Section 3--Minimum Number of Members

The minimum number of members 16 active members


Section 4--Cross Coverage Agreement Requirement

New members will be required to join the PMC Cross-Coverage Group if they are actively practicing general dentistry.


Section 5--Support of Organized Dentistry

Members must be affiliates in good standing in the American Dental Association, and their local component dental society, and abide by the ADA Code of Ethics.


Section 5--New Members

  1. Individuals being considered for active membership will be invited to one meeting as a guest of an Active member, to observe the activities of the Club, and to meet the other members.
  2. At the conclusion of the introductory session, the applicant will be dismissed, Club members will open a discussion, and the individual may be nominated and voted for membership. 
  3. Election for membership will be made by written ballot, and must be accepted by a unanimous vote.
  4. New members shall immediately be responsible for their annual dues, prorated for meetings already past.

Section 6--Membership Status

Members will be considered in good standing if they:

Section 7--Loss of Membership

The following conditions may result in loss of PMC membership:



Section 1--Officer Classifications

The officers of the Study Club shall be:

  1. President
  2. Vice President

Section 2--Term of Office

  1. The term of office for officers shall be 1 year.
  2. Transition of officers will occur at the close of the final meeting of the year.

Section 3--Rotation of Officers

  1. The President and the Vice President of the Practice Management Club will serve in alphabetical order of last name.
  2. The Vice President will become the President the following year.
  3. No members shall repeat these offices until all members have served a term.

Section 4--Inclusion of New Members Into Officer Rotation

New members will be placed into the rotation to be Vice President and President as soon as possible after their 2nd year of membership.


Section 5--Filling Vacancies

  1. If the President is unable to complete his duties during the first half of the year, the Vice President will become President.  If this occurs in the second half of the year, a temporary President will be elected by majority vote.
  2. If the Vice President is unable to complete his duties during the first half of the year, the new Vice President will be the next alphabetical member of the group.  If this occurs in the second half of the year, a temporary Vice President will be elected by majority vote.

Section 6--Removal of Officers

An officer may be removed from office prior to the expiration of their full term by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the membership.




Section 1--President

Section 2--Vice President



Section 1--Determination of Dues Amount

Dues shall be determined annually at the final meeting of the year.  Adjustments in annual dues may be made by two-thirds vote of active members.


Section 2--Dues Payment Deadlines

To renew annual membership, dues must be paid on or before the first annual meeting in the fall.


Section 3--Special Assessments

Section 4--Use of Dues

All monies collected by Study Club shall be used to fund current and future operations of the Club.  Disbursements include, but are not limited to:

Section 5--Disbandment

Should the Study Club disband for any reason, the balance of the assets after payment of debts shall be distributed equally among the current members in good standing.




Section 1--Quorum

A quorum shall constitute a minimum of 50% of the active membership at a meeting.


Section 2--Meeting Schedule

  1. The Club shall meet on the first Tuesday of the months of September, October, November, December, February, March, and May.
  2. Schedule may be adjusted for holidays by a simple majority vote of active members.
  3. The dates and place of future meetings will be decided by the President, who will be responsible for notifying all members.

Section 3--Meeting Activities

Each meeting may consist of presentations by speakers, presentations by members, demonstrations, round table discussions, club business, and any other matters determined by the current President.


Section 4--Final Annual Meeting

At the final meeting of the year, dues for the upcoming year will be set, and the change of officers will occur.


Section 5--Extra Meetings and Events

Extra meetings and special events may be planned from time to time.  Funding for these events will come out of Club funds, special assessment, or both, as decided by a majority vote of all members.


Section 6--Camaraderie

Every effort must be made by the membership to attend all meetings to ensure a tightly knit and smoothly operated group.




Members shall:



Section 1--Amendments

  1. Amendments of these bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, the proposed amendment having been submitted at the previous meeting, and sent to all members by letter or email.
  2. Without such notice, the bylaws may be amended by unanimous vote.

Section 2--Rules of Order

The questions of order not provided in these bylaws shall be decided by Roberts' Revised Rules of Order.