WDS Periodontal Disease Classification

WDS (Washington Dental Service, a Delta dental insurance company) uses a periodontal disease classification system based on pocket depth readings, recession, and furcation. They call the classifications "case types."

Here is the table that WDS included in their April 2010 Processing Policies Manual:

WDS Periodontal Disease Case Type

Case Type Characteristics Pocket Depths Furcation Grade Gum Recession Attachment Loss
Clinically Healthy
Pink, firm, resilient without inflammation 1 to 3 mm None None None
Chronic Marginal Gingivitis
Reddish blue with inflammation, bleeds with gentle probing < 4 mm None None None
Early Periodontitis
Progression of inflammation, early bone loss with moderate bleeding 4 to 5 mm May have Grade I furcation May exhibit signs of early recession Ranges from 1 to 5 mm
Moderate Periodontitis
Increased destruction of tissues 5 to 7 mm Grade II furcation Advancing recession 5 to 7 mm
Advanced Periodontitis
Further progression with severe destruction of periodontal structures > 7 mm Grade II to Grade II furcation Advancing recession 6+ mm

Note that this is NOT the classification system recommended by the AAP. It should not be used for clinical diagnoses; it should be used for insurance claim purposes only, and even then only with WDS policies.

See the AAP Classifications