Possible Components of a
Dental Office Employee Policy Manual

Every dental office is different; there is no standard template that will work for everyone.  The employee manual must be customized for each office.  There are a number of sources that sell dental office manuals.  Some offer full customization for your office; some include extended support via email or phone; others are simply templates that allow you to do your own handbook customizing.

Regardless of the method by which dentists arrive at their own manual, they should have it reviewed by an attorney or an expert to make sure they are in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws.  These issues are increasingly complex and ever changing.  The price of expert assistance is much less than the price of employee-related grievances.

The following list illustrates the areas that might be addressed in various policy manuals.  It can also help you to realize where your current policy manual might not be up-to-date or in compliance.



Table of Contents


General Employment Policies

Employment Status and Records

Working Hours


Time Off From Work

Workplace Guidelines and Standards of Conduct

Safety and Security

Handbook Index

Signature Page - Acknowledgement of Receipt of Employee Handbook