Referral To Periodontist For Grafting

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Dear Dr. Perio:

I have referred [patient name] to you for grafting evaluation.    I am forwarding duplicate bitewing x-rays (4/18/2008) and panorex (6/16/2008) taken at Dr. Olddentist's office.

Jim came to me as a new patient yesterday for a consultation.  I spent time discussing his recession, and grafting procedures.  Tooth #6 is the only sensitive area, and this is only to touch.

We reviewed a more gentle brushing technique.  I also recommended a Sonicare.

Jim uses chewing tobacco; I discussed the detrimental effects of this to his oral health.  I informed him that you might not do any grafting until he quits the habit.

I have also recommended a nightguard for him, as he has noticed himself clenching and grinding his teeth.

Let me know if I may supply any more information.



Dr. _____