To Regular General Dentist
After Seeing Their Patient For Emergency

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Dr. Main Dentist
Maple Valley, WA  98038

Dear Dr. ______,

I treated a very nice patient of yours today, John Doe.  John is graduating from Gonzaga University in a few weeks in accounting; he has accepted a job in Tacoma.

John reports hitting his teeth while climbing into a hot tub this past weekend; he fractured the incisal edge of #9 into dentin; no pulpal exposure; not symptomatic.  #10 also shows enamel craze lines, but no fractures.

I restored #9 with Herculite shade D-2.  It was a quick emergency fix; I informed him that you may want to fine tune the color with more composite or porcelain.  However, if he is okay with the shading, this could be a long-term restoration.

I informed him of increased risk of pulpal abscess that may require root canal treatment in the future, and reviewed what signs to watch out for.

Thanks for sending John our way!



Dr. _______