To General Dentist After Seeing Patient For Implant Crown Problem

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Dr. General Dentist
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Dear Dr. _____:

I have finished treating Jane Doe.  I removed the #19 crown and loose implant abutment.  The screw was significantly bent, but the treads in the implant itself still seemed intact.

I placed a new Paragon HLA 3/5 abutment and new screw; torqued to 30 Ncm.  I cemented a full gold crown on this with Temp-Bond thinned with a small amount of Vaseline.  I kept the crown narrow so the occlusal forces would be centered right over the implant.  The occlusion should contact only when she clenches and grinds tightly.

I reiterated the importance of contacting me immediately if anything feels loose or out of place with the implant.

Give me a call if you have any further questions.



Dr. ______