Need To Return To Cement Crown

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Jane Doe
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Dear Jane,

It was brought to my attention that you have not finished the dental procedure that was started.  Your tooth has been prepared for a new crown, impressions were taken, and the lab has custom-made your new crown.  It is ready to fit onto your tooth.

Usually we place the final crown within a few weeks of the impressions.  A longer delay can result in shifting teeth, alterations in your bite, and changes in the gums, causing the crown not to fit.  This would require starting over, which would be very costly to you.  You can avoid this potential extra expense by completing your treatment as soon as possible.

Also, the temporary crowns are just that--temporary.  They are not meant to keep out tooth decay for an extended period of time. By the time you felt anything wrong, the decay could have advanced deep enough to require root canal treatment, or even loss of your tooth.

The bookkeeper has billed your account for part of the cost  This is to help us cover the lab fee, for which we have already been billed.

Please call our office to schedule the completion of your work.  Or call me personally if you have any questions.



Dr. ______