Dentist is ending WDS/Delta PPO insurance contract

To our valued WDS/Delta Dental patients,

I would like to thank you for your confidence in us and for the support you have given our practice over the years.
I have long been a champion of Washington Dental Service.   I have been increasingly concerned about an evolving degradation of the relationship they are fostering with their providing member dentists, and how that affects the relationship between patients and the dentist.

WDS is the only dental prepayment company we have ever been willing to sign a contract with.  We did so because that contract as it was originally formulated had a goal to be fair to all of the customers in the chain:  WDS, the dentist, the company that pays the premium and the covered patients.  WDS traded on the reputation of that fair and evenhanded relationship that was in place to provide opportunities for dentists to help raise the level of dental health for huge numbers of Washingtonians. This paraphrases the WDS mission when I started with them.  It attracted most of the dentists in the state to join and allowed WDS to maintain its status as the premiere dental benefits company most employers and their employees would want to have.

Twenty-five years later, WDS has grown to the point that its book of business includes a huge majority of covered patients in our state.  WDS has felt compelled in recent times to undermine the trust that member dentists gave them by overturning a formula driven system that allowed fees (within certain controls) in each office to respond to the market place and to fluctuating costs of doing business.  The quality of dental plans sold by WDS has deteriorated such that many appear to promise good dental coverage but in fact do not.  Quality of service WDS provides in adjudicating claims for you our patients has declined to embarrassing in some cases and outrageous in others.

For these and other reasons, we are resigning our membership in WDS effective XXXXX, 20xx.  What does this mean for you as our patients?  WDS may attempt to make you think you have to switch dentists but that is not true.  We will still accept WDS insurance plans and will apply for your benefits just the same as we have always done.  The ONLY difference is that they will reimburse on your behalf at a slightly lower percentage than if we were still members.

We want you to remain with us as patients and therefore we will pledge to you that we will do our best to keep your out of pocket expenses no different than if we were still members.  We are committed to deliver high quality care that focuses on your needs and your desires.  We think it is problematic to have other parties involved trying to find ways to diminish a mutual relationship of trust between you and us.

We have done our best to continue to earn that trust over the years and we know we have to keep doing so.  It is in this spirit that we ask you to maintain your relationship with us as your dental office.  Give us the chance to show that outside the WDS network we can continue to help you make decisions for the best dental care for you that fits within your budget.



Dr. John Doe