Need to Return for Crown after RCT by Endodontist

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Jane Doe
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Dear _____,

We have been unable to reach you to schedule the rest of your treatment.   Please call us to arrange your next appointment.

We have been notified that the endodontist has done the root canal treatment, so we are now able to continue with the the treatment of your tooth.

As we discussed at your last appointment, saving this tooth will require root canal treatment, a strengthening post and core, and a crown. If all these steps are not completed, the tooth can become infected, fractured, or deeply decayed, leaving extraction of the tooth as the only treatment.

A delay in any of the steps can also cause the root canal to fail, which would require it to be redone at additional cost, or could leave extraction of the tooth as the only treatment.  If the tooth fractures because completion of the crown was delayed, the time and money invested in the root canal treatment would be lost.

We look forward to hearing from you so that we may complete your treatment.


Dr. ____