Want To Be Liked?  Guard Against These Faults

  1. Do not exaggerate.
  2. Do not make fun of others.
  3. Do not be sarcastic.
  4. Do not be domineering.
  5. Do not reprimand.
  6. Do not be indifferent.
  7. Do not laugh at the mistakes of others.
  8. Do not boast.
  9. Do not lose your temper.
  10. Do not talk continuously.
  11. Do not take the initiative in arguments.
  12. Do not lie.
  13. Do not ask favors.
  14. Do not talk about personal troubles.
  15. Do not spread gossip.
  16. Do not be a snob.
  17. Do not mispronounce words.
  18. Do not borrow.
  19. Do not be lazy.
  20. Do not give moral lectures.
  21. Do not talk loudly.
  22. Do not be unreliable.
  23. Do not tell jokes at the expense of others.
  24. Do not find fault with everybody and everything.
  25. Do not pry into other people's business.
  26. Do not be suspicious of people's motives or believe that they are constantly trying to take advantage of you.
  27. Do not always insist on telling people what is right and wrong.
  28. Do not correct the mistakes of others.
  29. Do not try to influence people to believe as you believe.
  30. Do not be a political or religious radical.
  31. Do not make fun of others behind their backs.